If you want to help protect your leather. Our protection & conditioning cream offers outstanding protection against an array of possible threats, including: 

Pen marks
Food stains
Jean dye
UV damage
Body oils.

LRC4 Protect your leather

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  • If left unprotected, over time your leather will become dry, it will slowly crack, it will lose its colour. It will be damaged. This applies to your leather sofas, leather car interior, motorbike suits, jackets, and even shoes.  

    With its built-in advanced, intelligent protection system. The Leather Repair Companies, Leather Protection Cream will help care for your leather, making it last longer. 

    Other benefits of the leather protection & conditioning cream are it feeds, nourishes, and conditions your leather. This helps keep the moisture locked in. This helps keep your leather nice and supple.  

    When used in partnership with the Leather Cleaner, you will find you have brighter, fresher, newer looking leather items.