LRC52 Suede and Nubuck Leather Cleaner Is perfect for deep down safe cleaning of Suede and Nubuck Leather

  • •Perfect For Suede and Nubuck Leathers
  • Strong But Effective Leather Cleaner
  • Rehydrates Leathers
  • Cleans Deeper
  • Works Great On Handbags
  • Guaranteed Cleaning Action
  • Ideal For Leather Clothing
  • Cleans Car Interiors
  • Great For Suede Furniture

The Suede and Nubuck Leather cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning leather and is simple and easy to use. Designed by leading leather technicians a professional grade item used by professional cleaning technicians in the leather industry.

The suede leather cleaner can handle the toughest of stains and grime on your sued or nubuck items to produce a nice clean fresh surface once again. Can be used on several different types of leathers.



Apply the suede leather cleaner 250ml onto a soft sponge or spray directly onto the suede being careful not to over wet the surface, and clean in a circular motion lifting all dirt away as you go, for heavily engrained suede with grease and grime use a suede brush to agitate the grease to lift this out of the suede fibres,  as you clean each section use a soft clean cloth to gently go over the surface to remove all dirt correctly.

Because suede is unprotected this means all the dirt and grime absorbs into the leather rather than being settled on the surface like a pigment coated leather.

Do not rub your suede leather too hard, the suede leather cleaner will help provide your suede leather with a silky soft luxurious feel again.

With suede and nubuck leather and other types of leathers that are absorbent, they soak up liquids and body oils very quickly, so its best to protect them from new.

The best advice we can provide with suede and nubuck leather is to clean with a suede brush this allows you to get into the grain structure of the suede leather providing a better cleaning action as the surface is not sealed in any way.

The suede and nubuck leather will go darker as you clean this is natural as the material is soaking up the cleaner, let this dry naturally then clean a second time.

You may find with suede and nubuck leather that it requires two or three cleans to get the perfect result.

Allow the suede or nubuck leather to naturally dry.