1400GSM Edgless dual layered twisted drying towel 50x80. 

can absorb over 7 times its weight in water


Quick Details

Size:50*80cm (19.7 inch x 31.5 inch)

Material:80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Weight:560 g (1.23lb)


Edge:Hidden edge - Inside sewn


No need to wash prior to first use. Just use straight from the bag. After use, just TRY and wring out any water, fold up and put back into the bag ready for next time or dry naturally and then put back into the bag. To ensure optimum performance of ANY drying towel, ONLY WASH IT WHEN IT IS ACTUALLY DIRTY. You should only be drying a clean car so the towel will only be getting wet and not dirty. If it does get dirty when you're drying the car then you need to look at improving your wash stage. When washing the towel, we recommend to use a dedicated microfibre wash product with no fabric conditioner in the washing machine at 30-40°, wash separately and then dry naturally. Please note that during or after use you may see a strand of the towel longer than the others (or a pull) in the fabric. This is not a fault with the individual towel but a characteristic of the majority of twisted fibre towel products. Just carefully snip the longer fibre taking care not to damage the towel.

1400GSM Drying Towel

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