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Whats the differnece between valeting and detailing?

Valeting tends to be associated more to the quick cleaning of a car on the exterior that would be a jet wash, shampoo, towel dry and a quick spray wax.

on the interior it would be dash clean, vacum and windows.

Detailing is where you start to thoroughly clean the car including areas and details that would normally be missed in a valet; this will include paint decontamination, clear coat defects as well as every nook and cranny imanginieable.

Why should i choose you and not the local car wash?

There is no denying your local car wash that charges you £20 for a quick in and out jon has its place in the world. They are fast, cheap and convenient  but there are some huge drawbacks you may not have realised.

1. Some car washes use aggressive products to lift dirt quickly and over a period of time this can damage alloys, paint work, glass and plastics.

2. The sheer volume of customers causes them to use the same cloths and sponges for hours on end, effectively transferring dirt and grit onto your car causing scratches and swirls that you will not see immediately because all you are seeing is a clean car.

3.Many of the staff are untrained and are there just to earn some quick money; your car is at risk for damage especially when you factor in the previous points.

4. Quite often your paintwork is not protected after the clean and will be exposed to the harsh British weather and needed another quick clean. 


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